BaubleBar's 80% Off Sale Will Have You Saying "Joy To The World!"

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If there's one thing you can never have to much of, it's jewelry. Of course you need stack of tried and true gold or silver rings, necklaces, and earrings that you can wear on the daily and that pair seamlessly with every outfit, but you also need some fun, statement-making pieces that instantly elevate even the simplest of outfits. If you're lacking in either category, or just can't help but add more to your already extensive collection (again, you can never have too much jewelry), now's the time to shop because BaubleBar is celebrating the end of the year with an insane sale, 80% off to be exact.

You heard that right — BaubleBar's sale means you can score up to 80% off on the cutest jewelry, including this six-piece set of Bloody Mary-themed earrings, which also happen to make a great gift. But the deals at BaubleBar don't stop at jewelry. They also have adorable home goods, like a custom monogrammed throw blanket or a blinged-out bottle opener that will both look so good displayed in your home. Read on to shop the best from BaubleBar's sale, all of which are guaranteed to bring so much joy into your life.

Andromeda Earrings

Feel like the star that you are in these dangly earrings featuring pavé embellished stars. They're just the piece to add a little extra sparkle to any outfit.คำพูดจาก Game Casino

$48$20 BaubleBar

Drink Earring Set

If you're a brunch enthusiast, then you definitely need this six-piece bedazzled earring set, inspired by an iconic breakfast drink: Bloody Marys. It includes two pairs of studs – one shaped like lemons and the other like hot sauce – as well as a pair of small hoops boasting the dangly cocktail.


Katarina Bracelet

This thick chain link bracelet, which is over half off, is a bold alternative to their daintier counterparts.


Put The Cute In Charcuterie Bottle Opener

This blinged-out charcuterie-themed bottle opener will look amazing on your bar cart. You can also opt for other fun designs, like a dirty martini or bottle of rosé, not to mention it makes a great gift.


Semi Precious Orb Necklace

BaubleBar's 80% Off Sale Will Have You Saying "Joy To The World!"

Calling all crystal girlies! This necklace features a stone orb which hangs from a sleek gold chain.Choose from marbled turquoise to attract abundance or rose quartz to manifest self-love.

$48$18BaubleBarreadThese 50 Top-Rated Amazon Gifts for Women With Thousands of 5-Star Reviews Will Arrive By Christmas

Think Pink Earrings

Feeling bubbly? These champagne-shaped earrings decked out in pink stones are as show-stopping as popping a bottle of Dom Perignon.


Miami Heat Logo Hoops

Rep your team in style with these gold hoops, which feature a number of different pavé encrusted NBA team logos in the center.


On Repeat Custom Blanket

This monogrammed throw blanket is the ultimate (and coziest) way to personalize any space. Choose from four stunning color combinations.


Mini Maro 18K Gold Ring Set

You can never go wrong with some simple gold bands. These rings come in a set of two and are worth $108, so getting them for $48 is an absolute steal.


Tarot Card Necklace

Whether or not you can read tarot, this pendant chain depicting different scenes from tarot is too cute. The back is engraved with meaning, element, and ruling planet.


Load up on these stocking stuffers that are so cool and useful, you just won't be able to resist.คำพูดจาก Nhà Cái Casino Online

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